AH Plus Jet Starter Kit

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Now: $129.95
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Kit contains:

  • 1 x 15 gm AH Plus Jet Mixing Syringe
  • 20 Mixing Tips
  • 10 Intraoral Tips
  • Mixing Pads
  • Organizer Tray
  • IIlustrated Technique Guide

Achieving an excellent seal with the time-tested formula endodontists trust is more efficient with AH Plus Jet sealer. Its innovative delivery system eliminates the need for manual mixing prior to use, while enabling direct and precise placement into the canal or on a traditional mixing pad.

Utilizing the proven, resin-based AH Plus sealer formula, AH Plus Jet sealer features an innovative double-barrel syringe that automatically and precisely mixes the paste-to-paste formula in the necessary 1:1 ratio. No manual mixing or assistance is required. Just depress the syringe’s plunger for a controlled, homogenous Just depress the syringe’s plunger for a controlled, homogenous.