Genie Dynamic Mixing Tips, Red, 50/pk

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The new mixing tips are designed to improve overall customer experience while optimizing performance of delivery. They improve mix quality, eliminate waste up to 24%*, all with a single bleed for the life of the cartridge!


  • less waste during use
  • Improved mix quality, bleed once for the life of the cartridge
  • Mixing cube for improved mix
  • Less cross contamination
  • The result: a more homogeneous mix
  • cartridge cap with tamper-evident seal & cartridge-tip color-coding, stays on the cartridge after opening
  • you get more mixing tips in the package for less cost
  • easy assembly with a new twist tab and alignment pin.

The new tips can be used with your current dispensing gun. The new mixing tips will NOT fit your old cartridge system.

Simple assembly system.