Take-Home Whitening CP Kit 3x1.2ml Syringes

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Short Description:

Available in 10%, 15%, 20%.

Whitening Kit is a professional tooth whitening system offered in Carbamide Peroxide (HP) formulation, specially engineered to remove tooth discoloration due to food, tobacco and other stain causing materials. This material whitens teeth safely and effectively in two weeks or less. The 10% Carbamide Peroxide formula is safe for patients with sensitivity to whitening products. The Carbamide Peroxide formulation is also offered in 15% and 20% concentrations for faster results.Carbamide Peroxide formulations offer custom tray material, mint flavored whitening gel syringes, dispensing tips and a retainer box.

Features and Benefits

  • Prolonged whitening activation duration
  • Custom-made application tray
  • Pleasant mint flavor
  • Specially formulated